Albert enjoys the Yorkshire Dales air in his face.

The other day, we took a long walk with lots of elevations and a good steep climb up Addleborough near the end. We set off with Raydale in sunshine and a wet front moving down Wensleydale but the shower was short lived and we were dry by the time we got back.

V&A found plenty of rabbits to chase, and while they have no interest in sheep, the ewes are at, or near to, the point of lambing, so it is best to ensure that dogs do not go stressing the sheep. This meant they were on the lead for parts of the walk but they did not mind too much.

By the time we got back to Carpley Green we were in bright sunlight, so the car was rather warm which meant the windows came down. Albert took this opportunity to get his head out of the window. The down side to this being that he gets a bit vocal when he feels the wind on his face. While he was happy I soon tired of this and the window went up.

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