Ewe scanning in Wensleydale

It is that time of year again when sheep farmers in Wensleydale get to see the potential of this years crop: new lambs.

Not all sheep farmers scan, some preferring to have a surprise at lambing time! However, doing so, ensures that ewe’s facing high multiple births can be segregated for special treatment to improve their chances of delivering more live lambs.

Scanner set up

Scanner set up


This year’s event started at the more reasonable hour of 08:30 though prep had started the day before to get the yard ready for holding the scanned sheep and the segregated ewe’s.


Ewe's getting ready for release after scanning

Ewe’s getting ready for release after scanning

Effectively the sheep are corralled and then fed into the holding pen before going through a chase and into the trap, that holds them while they are scanned.

Adrian, who provides this service, sits low down with an ultrasound scanning device and quickly and efficiently scans the ewe. His experience and expertise is such that he is able to discern the number of lambs present from the grainy picture on the screen in quick time. The farmers mark is then applied to the back of the ewe, in spray paint, so as to be able to quickly identify the number of potential lambs, and the ewe is set free.



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