Hammond’s of Bainbridge our local butcher.

Hammond's butcher's shop Bainbridge Yorkshire Dales

Hammond’s Family Butcher

Hammond’s is a family butcher in Bainbridge with a small shop front, and large back room in which they prepare and bone out the meat.

While there is a tea rooms and a filling station in Bainbridge, the latter selling milk, newspapers and sweets/snacks, Hammond’s is the only real shop. So we are lucky to have such a great butcher on our door step – well I say doorstep it is a little over two miles away, which is on our door step!

This means we can source our High Blean B&B breakfast locally: bacon, sausage and black pudding, and do so six days per week.

Much of the meat they supply never travels outside of Wensleydale, being bred in the area before taking a short visit to the abattoir at Hawes, via  Hawes Auction Mart: food miles don’t get much less.

Due to predominantly being  a catering butcher,  supplying many businesses in the upper Dales, there is always a good turn around of meat, sufficient to keep at least four butchers employed.  Nigel, the current custodian of this family business, is always happy [this is a relative term] to oblige the customer and source product or dress a joint of local meat as requested.  Their fresh chicken livers makes up into a wonderful pâté, which makes for a delicious simple meal with some good bread and wine.

Hammond’s Family Butcher Bainbridge 01969 650631

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