High Blean B&B, Bainbridge: Yorkshire Curd Tart.

Yorkshire Curd Tart, a must for  Yorkshire Day on the 1st August.

This was free style baking, in that I had a rough idea of what goes into a curd tart from being a huge fan of Bettys Yorkshire Curd Tart, which I would say is the gold standard by which other tarts should be judged.

Edit on 7-8-16 I finally got around to looking for an authentic recipe as mine was just not right. Here is the one I am now using. Link Use the recipe in the link and don’t bother with my recipe!

However, it was a case of using experience to guess quantities and ingredients, therefore, I make no claim that this is an authentic curd tart recipe. It is a first attempt and I have already decided that I need to make the base thicker and blind bake it longer next time. I think adding  50% more filling and pastry will do the trick. The recipe below is for the latest revision, as I try to perfect a curd tart good enough to rival Bettys. Though this could be a lifelong quest but one doomed to failure.

I started by making a sweet pastry, for which I use a ration of 4:2:1 eg. 100g plain flour 50g butter/marg/lard 25g caster sugar.

Here is the recipe:

For the pastry

120g plain flour

60g soft butter

30g caster sugar

pinch of salt

4 tsp water, you might not need all the water mix and see.

For the filling

Juice and grated rind of one small to medium lemon

150g Curd, If you cannot obtain curd then it is easy to make. Take 1 litre of Gold Top Milk, heat to around 37° C or whatever the temperature recommend on the rennet. My rennet recommends 32°C and around 15 to 20 drops. Leave this for 15 minutes, then decant into muslin bag and hang to drip for 5 hours. This makes enough for at least 2 Curd Tarts.

40 g of double cream.

1  beaten egg

100g cater sugar

Grated nutmeg, for the mix and for the top

100g currants.

Pastery case ready for baking at High Blean B&B Bainbrige

A tart ready for a blind bake!

Make the pastry and put into the fridge, before rolling out and lining a 18cm flan dish. Prick the base then line with grease proof paper and cooking beans before a blind bake. I would suggest 15 to 20 minutes. I am using the AGA so it depends on how hot the oven is at the time.

Into a mixing bowl add the curd, sugar, lemon juice and rind then beat with a wooden spoon. Next add the cream and continue to mix in, then add the beaten egg. Grate in a good amount of nutmeg and then add half the currants. The mix should pour like thick cream but not be too runny.

Pour the mixture into the pastry case and then sprinkle the other half of the currants onto the surface. Finally give it a good grating of nutmeg, which will help form a crust. Place into a moderate oven for 45 minutes to give the mixture time to set, without burning the pastry. Then into a hot oven for 10 to 15 minutes to firm up the pastry and toast a crust on the tart. I cover the top with grease proof pastry to try to stop the pastry edge from burning.

Let it cool and enjoy with strong coffee, or tea if you prefer.  Not as goods as Bettys unfortunately but very enjoyable nonetheless. Revision Six

Yorkshire Curd tart made at High Blean B&B Bainbridge

Finished Tart cooling

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