High Blean B&B Semer Water: no Knead Bread!

If you like the taste of home made bread but do not think you have the time to make it, here is a very quick and easy recipe to turn out excellent bread with little effort.

For the loaf pictured, which is a small 12oz loaf, ideal with your lunch time soup or to enjoy well buttered, with lemon curd, accompanied by a good cup of Yorkshire Tea, here is the recipe. I use grams to measure the flour and water, as it is much easier to use grams when working to the bakers ratio [Flour is 100% and then the other ingredients are used in ratio to this: look it up for more info].

130g Lukewarm water.

200g strong white flour.

1 tbsp sugar.

1 tsp dried active yeast.

½ tsp salt.

Pour the aired water into a small bowl and add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Then add the yeast and salt and mix. Now add 200g of strong white flour and with a pallet knife mix the dough until it forms a ball, with all the loose flour incorporated. This should take no longer than one minute, literally.

Now put aside in a warm place for 90 minutes.

After 90 minutes take the dough out and shape into a ball, place the dough ball  in the centre of a well floured clean tea towel [best to keep one tea towel just for your bread] and put the tea towel containing the dough back into the bowl. This will allow the dough to rise and take on the shape of the bowl. Leave for 90 minutes.

High Blean B&B dough turned out from a tea cloth in a bowl, which provides the shape for the loaf

Turned out nice again!

Carefully turn the dough out of the tea towel while it is in the bowl [see photo: tea towel still in the bowl with the dough on the work surface] and place on a well floured surface, you can place it straight  onto  baking tray if you wish, but I like to put mine onto a hot stone in the oven, so I  use a pizza paddle to effect this transfer.

High Bleand B&B Semer Water dough ready for the oven

Dough awaits its destiny with the AGA


Brush the surface of the dough with a little milk, and sprinkle any seeds you wish to add, (the bread in the photo has sesame  and black poppy seeds).  At this point, you can slice the surface with a very sharp knife but this is not essential.


Place the dough in a hot oven, I am using an AGA so just put it onto the middle shelf of the top oven. Throw in some cold water to make steam and set the timer for 25 minutes. For an electric oven, pre heat up to the top setting of your oven. Remember timing in any recipe is only a guide and you should use your instincts to determine if it is cooked. A good rule of thumb being, if you don’t think it look right it most likely is’t!

Take the cooked bread out and place on a cooling wire.

Bread baked at High Blean B&B Semer Water

Down to the wire!

Admire your work, then sit down, ‘slather the bread with butter and enjoy. As you can see the crumb is fine even though there has been no kneading.

High Blean B&B Semer Water cooked no knead bread

Good Crumb with no kneading








For a breakfast size loaf, which is ideal for your morning toast, make the night before to the following proportions.

210g warm water.

300g strong whit bread flour.

1 tbs sugar.

10g dried yeast.

10g salt.

Follow recipe as above but cook for 45 mins in a hot oven.

You will need a loaf tin for this.

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