High Blean B&B thick creamy home made yoghurt

Being new to the making of yoghurt and being happier experimenting than just following someone’s recipe I have been making yoghurt almost every day.

Some batches of yoghurt turn out better than others but given yoghurt is ideal in the making of dough and that the dogs love yoghurt, even the mistakes are not going to waste.

I have found the perfect incubation spot, which is the back bar of the AGA.

Making yoghurt on the AGA at High Blean B&B Raydaleside Askrigg, Yorkshire Dales.

Making yoghurt: the AGA makes the perfect incubator.

If I move the pan further to the right, the mix gets warmer and to the left it gets cooler. I start the mix off near the flue and then move it to the left, to where it is shown in the photo and leave it here overnight to set.

The simple method is to warm the milk, any milk will do, including UHT, up to 82°c then let is cool down to around 42°c [UHT does not need the first stage heating].

Next add a portion of natural yoghurt [the first time you will need to purchase a live yoghurt] to the warm milk and stir. I use small pans which I cover with cling film but Kilner Jars or similar would be ideal.

Leave the covered milk and yoghurt mix for a minimum of 8 hours, ideally around 42°c but no hotter than 49°c though I like to leave mine a minimum of 12 hours. I find doing this makes the yoghurt thicker and a bit more tangy.

You can add milk powder to the milk, but I have found that however well I mix this in, it still form lumps in the finished yoghurt.

A recent experiment has yielded excellent results: I mix milk and Carnation evaporated milk in the proportion of 60% milk to 40% Carnation and the result is exceptional. It is thick, creamy and tangy with a deeper natural cream colour but no taste of evaporated milk.

Home made thick creamy yoghurt High Blean B&B Askrigg Yorkshire Dales

Thick creamy home made yoghurt






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