High Blean B&B Bainbridge: Lemon Cake

Here is the recipe for our lemon cake, which also has our lemon curd as the filling.

Sponge cakes are very simple, as the main ingredients are all the same weight.

For my normal cake, which I bake in  6 inch cake tins [you need two of these] I use the following.

4oz Butter though you can use Stork as it does tend to make  lighter cakes.

4oz caster sugar.

4oz Self raisin flour.

2 eggs.

½ tsp of baking powder

1 lemon.

Alternatively, to scale up the ingredients to make a larger cake you can weigh your eggs and then use the same weight as the eggs, in flour, sugar and butter or Stork. This means you can increase the size of the cake by using more eggs. So a three egg cake will be approximately a 6oz X 6oz X 6oz mix of Stork, sugar and flour.

Start by first lightly grease the cake tins and dust with a little flour.

Cream the sugar and butter together until fluffy, then crack in the two eggs, directly into the creamed sugar. Mix in the eggs well. Add the baking powder and mix. Next sift the flour and add this to the mix.

Squeeze the lemon, you can add some zest to the mix if you wish but it is not essential.

Set aside about 1 tsp of the lemon juice for the topping and then mix in the lemon juice into the mix. The lemon juice has to be added at the end of the process as this reacts with the baking powder to produce tiny bubble in the mix, which help make the cake lighter. So, you want this process to be taking place when the mix is in the cake tins.

Divide the mix between two cake tins and bake. I use the AGA which takes 20 minutes. but I would suggest baking at 160c for about 25mins. Just keep checking after 20 mins to ensure the cake top does not burn.

When ready take out of the over and leave in the tin a while to cool, which will allow them to shrink back from the side of the tin, which will aid taking them out of the cake tins later.

Take the set aside lemon juice and add 1 tbs castor sugar then sufficient icing sugar until you have a thick cream like consistency that still runs off the spoon.

The signature cake of High Blean B&B Bainbridge, Askrigg Yorkshire Dales which is offered to guests on arrival.

A cake of two halves

Take the cakes out of their tins, and then ice one of the cakes with the icing sugar and lemon juice mix.

When completely cold spread a layer of the High Blean lemon curd on to the bottom half and place the iced top side onto the bottom cake.

Enjoy with a cup of Yorkshire Tea!





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