Home made Ganola as served at High Blean B&B Bainbridge

A great many people claim to have an old family secret recipe for the “best” granola ever: I make no such claim, but merely state this is  very easy to make and tastes delicious. I am also told it is suitable as a breakfast cereal for those people following a gluten free diet.

So here goes; ingredients first, which I find it is easier to weigh everything out first as the cooking process is very quick.

50 ml  of veg oil, ground nut oil is good as it will not smoke if you get it a bit too hot in the pan.

60g Butter

90 ml of maple syrup.

45 ml of clear runny honey, though any honey would do at a push.

1 tsp vanilla extract. A bit less if you are not over keen on this flavour.

230g rolled oats [porridge oats].

20g sesame seeds.

25g sunflower seeds. I use sunflower hearts.

25g pumpkin seeds.

25g flaked almonds.

25g  whole almonds.

25g cashew nuts and or hazel nuts. These are optional items, though it could be any nut you like.

30g Unsalted peanuts

50g dried berries I use 25g dried cranberry and 25g currents or sultanas.

I make my granola in a large frying pan with a handle that can sustain being put into a hot oven.

Start by heating the pan gently on the hob having first added the oil, butter, honey, maple syrup and vanilla extract and mix this all together, though the oil will not want to mix with the other ingredients. Next just add all the rest of the ingredients other than the oats and dried berries, and stir the mix well to ensure all the ingredients are covered in the  liquid and cook until the liquid starts to bubble and looks “sticky”. Then add the oats and make sure all the liquid is taken up to leave a sticky mass. Spread the mix evenly across the bottom of the pan. If you do not have a large frying pan, make up as above in a sauce pan then spread the mix evenly onto a lipped baking tray.

Place the granola mix in the oven at about 180° c and bake until golden and starting to toast, which should take about 7 mins. You need to play this by ear but just make sure you do not burn the edges. I use the AGA which is much hotter so takes less time.

Take the mix out of the oven and stir in the dried fruit and spread out again and cook for a further 3 to 4 mins, but keep checking, as you do not want burnt fruit in the mix. When the mix is looking golden take out an allow to cool.

Break the mix up into a jar and the granola is ready to serve. Mix with fruit or on its own with cold milk. Ideal to sprinkle on the top of fruit or natural yogurt.

Remember, a recipe is a guide not a gospel, so if you are not keen on an ingredient then take it out or add other items or change the quantities of the ingredients to suit your taste, then adapt the mix accordingly. Though, for those who feel happiest following a recipe to the letter, do so, and it will come out just fine each time

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