Re-opened and snowed-in at High Blean B&B Raydale, Yorkshire Dales

We re-opened on the 1st March for the 2015 season and while it was not forecast, we have had quite a lot of snow. Though not fully snowed-in, we decided not to bother going to Hawes this morning.

Snow cover at High Blean B&B Raydaleside Askrigg Yorkshrire Dales

West of High Blean

Snow cover in March at High Blean B&B Raydaleside Askrigg Yorkshire Dales

East of High Blean






This afternoon the sun came out and the snow finally stopped, so we walked down to Low Blean and along the valley  bottom towards Bainbridge.

Albert the Fox Terrier at High Blean B&B Askrigg looks at the new snow fall.

Albert inspects the snow quality


Albert was keen to test the snow before setting foot in it!




While the dogs were up for the walk they did struggle with the depth of the snow. Albert soon got the hang of it and was quickly charging through the snow.

On the way back we pass one of the most picturesque trees I know of.

Tree in Raydaleside opposite High Blean B&B

A tree looking tree!

A good start to the new season.

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