Margret’s Flight of Fancy – In the Yorkshire Dales.

We had not witnessed someone so excited as Margaret was this morning for many years, and her excitement was catching.

We were just in the kitchen when the inner door burst open, making us think something dreadful had happened to our guest.

There stood Margaret, our neighbour from High Force Farm, in a heighten state of excitement: she could hardly contain herself! She quickly informed us that she was on her way paragliding off Hawes End and to look out for her. Apparently this morning was perfect condition for this tandem flight.

We wished her well and said we would wave, but thought we might be helping out on the farm later today!

Following Margaret’s departure we tried to explain what had taken place to our very bemused guest, who had been busily tucking into his cooked breakfast when Margaret crashed over our threshold.

Following Margret’s progress up Hawes End was easy to do from our kitchen window, while we continued with breakfast. A quick wave, some photos and even a video, just to prove she had been in the air and it was all over.

We caught her on the way home where she was keen to catch up on hay making, which had been postponed for a couple of hours and she said she had thoroughly enjoyed her flight.

Rather her we both thought.





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