Maternal instincts on display. Duck and 11 ducklings on Semerwater.

Earlier this month I looked out to see a duck and her brood at the bottom of our garden, I opened the gate into the field and they went off down the hill towards Semer Water.

Luckily V&A did not know they were there, so she got them safely out of the garden and we never saw her or the ducklings again.

We also had this brood of 11 tiny ducklings being led through our garden, but first stopping off to take a paddle in the birds water bowl and eat a bit of chicken food. This was back in mid May, so these are unlikely to be the ones we saw last night.

Then last night while down at Semer Water, along comes a duck with 11 ducklings in tow. These ducklings had reach a good size and it was clear she had not lost many, if any. While we cannot be certain it is the same duck that was going through our garden earlier in the month it would be nice to think it was and that she had managed to get all 11 of her tiny duckling down to the lake and reared them to a fair size. At this size their individual chances of survival are greatly increased.




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