Red Squirrel seen at High Blean, Semer Water, in the Heart of the Yorkshire Dales

It was only a couple of days ago that a local farmer told me to look out for Red Squirrel, which have been making a return to the area. I must admit to being a bit sceptical, as I was of the belief that the grey squirl was still dominating the area around Semer Water, Askrigg.

Then today, there it was, a Red Squirrel running along the top of my garden wall.

I will try to provide photographic proof that there are Red Squirrel in the area and to this end I have placed some nuts on the wall to try to capture a photo of the fascinating indigenous rodent.

The Red Squirrel is the only native species of squirrel in the country, but due to the grey squirrel, which was introduced to the UK in the late 1800’s, it has suffered a vast reduction in its numbers and habitat, as the grey squirrel is able to out compete the smaller Red Squirrel. It addition to being better able to exploit the food and shelter resources of an area, the grey squirrel carries the squirrel pox virus, which can be fatal for Reds but to which the grey is mostly immune

To guarantee to see Red Squirrel. a visit to Snaizeholme in Hawes is a must.

Wild Dales Photography run photographing Red Squirrel work shops and have a hide for rent, which is perfect for taking close up shots of Red Squirrel in their natural environment. The hide is in Hawes, which five mile away from High Blean.



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