Water falls of Wensleydale area: Yorkshire Dales

Here is a small collection of videos showing some of the water falls that are local to us and are often impressive, particularly when we have had some rain.

Within their context they are every bit as impressive as some of the much more famous falls and there are literally hundreds of them in the area, some only springing up after a bout of prolonged rain, which can happen up here!

I will add to them from time to time but winter months are the best for water falls.

We will set off with the most famous falls around these parts, Aysgarth. This is the top falls from the bridge seen here on a March day.

Hawes has a couple of good falls right in the centre of town

Here is a short film of four water falls local to High Blean

Mill Gill at Askrigg is one of the hidden gems of a water fall and really is spectacular close up when there is lots of water.

Cotter Force, which is very easily accessible from the road, down a gravelled path from a road side car park is an impressive low drop water fall, in the shape of a horse shoe.

Shaw Gate Gill is one of a series of small falls in Raydale running into Cragdale. This fall is an ideal picnic spot.

Crook Gill water fall is only small but like a miniature version of Hardraw Force. It is at the end of Crook Gill at the top end of Wharfedale near the confluence of Crook Gill and Cray Gill. Nice tranquil spot to sit for a while and watch the water fall into the pool.


Aysgill Force just outside of Gyle Hawes is an ideal spot to take a picnic in summer time. It is normally quite up here and it is very peaceful to sit by the side of the falls and listen to the cascading water.


Here we have the River Bain at Bainbridge following an overnight downpour. You can see the Archimedes Hydro Turbine being driven by the water.

While this is a short drive from here Hellgill Force is worth the trip. It is still in the Yorkshire Dales National Park but technically outside the Dales. That said a fine water fall.


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